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18 January 2010 @ 04:56 am
100109 (Suzuki Airi) Bomb  

Even though there's pressure on me, I like singing so I'm happy!

Shock is a song with Airi on the main vocals.
"To change the mood of this song we'll do it like this", Tsunku-san said. I think I want to put effort on this. So it's a new challenge (and it comes with pressure), but since I like singing, I feel happy.
The strongest part of this song is when all the members sing, I think the feeling of all five girls becomes one.

How was the recording?
Because the key is high, at first things were difficult. I was told various times that the lyrics were adult-like, and that I had to sing with a sad feeling. So, I often thought about how to convey the feeling of a "shock!"... In the part about the surprise (shock) of a broken heart, the chorus is somewhat positive, and the singing and facial expression kind of need to be changed. As for the PV, the underground parking place is the first thing you notice, as well as the lights that are in the background. All of our outfits are black & white and have a cool ("adult-like") style. There are a lot of dance scenes, and I think I managed to give a cooler vibe by dancing hard.
Looking back at last year, how it was?
I really love Buono! With C-ute, there was a concert and we also went to Hawaii to have an FC tour. Also, in my very own birthday, there happened to be a concert, and I was amazed when all the fans sang Happy Birthday to me. As for more personal things, I won at the athletic festival of our school and I sold cucumbers in the culture festival (lol). Even though graduating from middle school will be a lot of fun, I don't really like it. I will cry a lot in the graduation ceremony. I will have to be careful to not end up collapsing (lol).

Thanks to Greyface and pokeballs @ Hello-Online for helping me with two parts.