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18 January 2010 @ 04:59 am
100114 (Buono) CD Data  

Do Buono songs have a soothing feeling?
Among other things, near the end of last year, they got to experience their first short live tour.
Moreover, girl rock is still kicking in, and this time Buono delivers their 3rd album.
These girls have a cute side as well as a pure rock side which will deliver to everyone's contents.

The girl rock continues to kick in and soon Buono's 3rd album 'We are Buono!' will give a new feeling of groovy rock 'n roll.
"Our old theme song 'Café Buono' had a cute feel to it, but the new one 'Buono no Theme~' is 100% rock. I thought it was fun when we played this live with the band" (Suzuki).
"This song is for screaming with everyone (on concerts), and there was a part where Miyabi shouted 'Buono!'. That's not something you see everyday, it created an unexpected mood (lol). During that moment (of the concert), we want to hear lots of heart in the echo of the voices" (Tsugunaga).

Actually there isn't just one representative girl group in the rock scene (of Japan). And just now you showed a different expression.
"I thought that until now, we didn't got to sing many adult-like songs. When singing in unison, we have to think of the notes. 'Koucha no Oishii Mise' has a cool sound, but has a calm feeling as well, it's a sad love song. 'Urahara' has an uncommon sweet feeling (it's different from other songs). Of course, there are rock songs, but everyone, do the songs of Buono have a soothing feeling? I hope (lol)" (Natsuyaki)

The first track on the album (that is also a single), 'Our Songs', as well as 'Tabidachi no Uta' are sort of like moving ballads. Together, those songs are perfect for the season of goodbyes.
"I think when you first listen to 'Our Songs' you get a fresh feeling, it's one of those feel-good songs. Even when I sing it alone, it has the same feeling. The people who are approaching to the important period of examinations, surely feel both worried and satisfied while studying, I wonder if they can feel some fun while they study too" (Natsuyaki) (translator note: I think she's implying that Our Songs is a feel-good song even for times of study)
"I'm graduatin from middle school this spring. and this time I feel like I don't want to graduate at all. In 'Tabidachi no Uta' there's a part that goes like 'raise your voice, it's okay to cry', my friends have been telling things like those to me. So I think that listening to this song helps to understand many feelings, and can make you cry in the season of graduations" (Suzuki).

In December you three finished your first concert tour. It was decided to be a quick tour.
"We've been told that we sound good on CD, but that we sound even better live. We want our songs to improve and be more energetic". (Tsugunaga)
"We want violent, but also safe rock (lol)". (Suzuki)